Heideveld bemiddeling boomkwekerijproducten


Heideveld Tree Nursery Product Agents seeks out sales potential for suppliers, acts as an agent between suppliers and buyers, and exports a wide range of tree nursery products to a variety of sales markets. Our focus is on wholesalers in the Scandinavian and Eastern European market. Thanks to our many years of export experience, our customers can depend on our policy of excellent plant health requirements and on the correct completion of export documentation and customs clearance procedures.

Heideveld BV can supply a complete assortment in Gardenplants as:

Forest plants Trees
Fruit Bushes
Perennials Climbers
Rhododendron Conifers

For all your questions and more information you can reach us:

By phone: +31 38 3760151
By fax: +31 38-3760147
By E-mail: info@heideveld.eu